26401 Cubic Metre Sea Water
1   Considering the possible tragedies at sea, before boarding we will leave Imagokinetics a complete guide for manufacture, installation and interpretation of all the artworks so that they can realize the exhibition even in the absence of us. On the other hand, we reserve the right to revise or replace the plan in any ways possible if we manage to come back from the voyage.
During the Grand Voyage, Guo Xi and Zhang Jianling will cross the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, they will witness twelve prophesies. As if a piece taken from the ocean, the exhibtion space (22m long, 20m wide, 6m high) will be a body of seawater measures as 2640 cubic metres. The walls will be painted as Color of the Era (Pantone 291); there will be A Boundless Stretch of Poet hanging on the ceiling with lights reflecting through a huge slice of water.
In the belly of the dog-fish, Pinocchio became puppet again and found his aged dad in the corner, they run out together when the dog-fish sneezed. Here, we will apply the belly depicted in The Tale of a Puppet as narrative strategy for the exhibition space: unable to be digested by time and history, disappeared people and swallowed objects are waiting to resurface again. Meanwhile, just like Pinocchio, we will unfold what we saw and heard both as liars and witnesses.

As for display strategy, we will turn to maritime museums as prototype where objects, images and texts will appear as evidences and remains crystalized from our one-time witness of the Grand Voyage. All the exhibits will be floating on a slice of sea surface of historical narratives, they will be intertwined into simultaneity by geographical logic instead of time logic.
The Grand Yoyage/2014-2015 (with @Zhang Jianling)
That Obscure Object (artist's book)/2014
Body as a Container of Faith/2014
The Last Tale: God and Net Friend/2014
There never should have been an artist named Jia Siwen/2012-2014
A study on infinity/2014
A Faceless Void/2013
A member of socialism's imagination/2012
eve R evolution/2011
Still Sweet/2011
Dirty Memories/2011
Home of Others/2011
A way of dissipating memories/2010
Typist's Death/2010
I would like to satisfy your foot fetishism in such a way, even/2010
Raining Hometown/2009