1: Sorry for being untitled.

Bottom part: A group of untitled drawings by Jia Siwen.

Top part: Text narrating a story.
Content of the story: Mr. Jia Siwen has decided to lend me some of his paintings, which resulted in this joint exhibition. However, during cargo transportation from China, due to my carelessness, I've lost the title list of Jia's works, and therefore, these paintings have to remain untitled. My sincere apologies.
The Grand Yoyage/2014-2015 (with @Zhang Jianling)
That Obscure Object (artist's book)/2014
Body as a Container of Faith/2014
The Last Tale: God and Net Friend/2014
There never should have been an artist named Jia Siwen/2012-2014
A study on infinity/2014
A Faceless Void/2013
A member of socialism's imagination/2012
eve R evolution/2011
Still Sweet/2011
Dirty Memories/2011
Home of Others/2011
A way of dissipating memories/2010
Typist's Death/2010
I would like to satisfy your foot fetishism in such a way, even/2010
Raining Hometown/2009