2: Gate of Enlargement.

Bottom part: Choose an painting by Jia Siwen from the first set of works.

Top part: Scan and make a printout of the chosen painting by Jia Siwen. On the printout, there added text to make it into a poster: "As Jia Siwen becomes giant after going through the Gate of Enlargement; Value, disappearance and reconstruction at the same instant."
The Grand Yoyage/2014-2015 (with @Zhang Jianling)
That Obscure Object (artist's book)/2014
Body as a Container of Faith/2014
The Last Tale: God and Net Friend/2014
There never should have been an artist named Jia Siwen/2012-2014
A study on infinity/2014
A Faceless Void/2013
A member of socialism's imagination/2012
eve R evolution/2011
Still Sweet/2011
Dirty Memories/2011
Home of Others/2011
A way of dissipating memories/2010
Typist's Death/2010
I would like to satisfy your foot fetishism in such a way, even/2010
Raining Hometown/2009