In this project I created an artist in reality, similar to creating a Facebook user named 'Jia Siwen'. I use his identity to engage in artistic creation. At the same time, I also using my own identity 'Guo Xi' to create corresponding works.
Jia Siwen shaped as an 'other', a person who is totally different from me. But, at the same time, he is still part of my 'self'. In this structure, I will create an dialogue of the 'self'. The theme is "how to become others".
The inner mind is expressed through behaviour, and through behaviour, people give themselves a name just as they give their body a significance. The inner mind is usually formed by different opinions, but behaviour can only choose one opinion to elaborate. I hope different parts of 'I' will be released through the newly created identity, and will have a conversation with the already existed 'I'. I hope to observe and find truth in the process of artistic creation.

"We live in an overwhelming world constructed by others. Here, the ego exists only through relying on others while it refuses to become the other; ego is expressed and then dissolved constantly by others. This is a confusing but tempting operation system. Ego experience this world through others and be reflected as others in turn…the so-called artist is an individual constantly trying to escape from the site of others before his body disappear, while he is not trying to seek for ego, but rather, with a sense of justice to damage this system of others, to seek for the shining light puncture through dense fog and the truth obtained momentarily…"

from Jia Siwen Diaries Sep. 14, 2012

Project Description:

Invents a fictitious character Jia Siwen, and uses his identity to create paintings. At the same time, artist Guo Xi will create artworks simultaneously to form a conversation with Jia Siwen's works.
In here, the painter 'Jia Siwen' is fictitious, while Guo Xi is the real-life project artist himself. In this case, the significance of 'conversation' is that the fictional Jia Siwen will have a dialogue with his actual creator, Guo Xi, and this artistic 'exchange' is also the artist self-questioning and doubting.
The wall in the exhibition room divide from top to bottom into to two sections: the bottom part placing the paintings by 'Mr. Jia Siwen'; to correspond with Jia Siwen's paintings, there are works by Guoxi placed on the top part of the wall.
The Grand Yoyage/2014-2015 (with @Zhang Jianling)
That Obscure Object (artist's book)/2014
Body as a Container of Faith/2014
The Last Tale: God and Net Friend/2014
There never should have been an artist named Jia Siwen/2012-2014
A study on infinity/2014
A Faceless Void/2013
A member of socialism's imagination/2012
eve R evolution/2011
Still Sweet/2011
Dirty Memories/2011
Home of Others/2011
A way of dissipating memories/2010
Typist's Death/2010
I would like to satisfy your foot fetishism in such a way, even/2010
Raining Hometown/2009