While I was travelling in Prague last year, I recorded this video. The subway in Prague was built very deeply underground, and therefore, its escalator is tilted in a rather extreme angle. I adjusted the angle of the escalator to the angle of my camera, in order to make the passengers look like they are forwarding their back. Later I made a box, and placed the film in the centre of it, and on the right of the box, there is an arm of Lenin's sculpture.

Being in relation to these images, Lenin's arm seems to guide these people to somewhere indefinitely, and everyone can sense the pressure of the arm, therefore tilted their body forward in an 'obedient' manner. I am only expressing personal feeling of Prague in this piece.

Whenever I'm in a former socialist society, I can always sense an inexplicable depressing atmosphere. The sky seems to be ever grey, and the pedestrians seem to drag on heavily. This sensation may not be true, since everyone is probably just living their ordinary daily life, and it is just a mellow reverie echoed in the mind of a Chinese tourist. What interests me is how I came to such a feeling.
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