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  • 矩阵

  • 12G-SDI 雷竞技Ray
  • 8K/4K雷竞技Ray
  • 画面分割器

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  • 多功能处理器

  • 帧同步器
  • 转换器
  • 色彩校正器
  • 测试信号发生器/TC发生器/VANC调制解调器
  • 倒换器
  • 延迟器
  • 雷竞技raybet官网/音频分配器
  • 多功能机箱

  • USF系列
  • UFM系列
  • 图像处理

  • 稳定器
  • 闪光/闪烁处理器
  • 4K-HD局部提取
  • 音频处理

  • 多通道/分配器
  • 音频转换器
  • 现场直播

  • 实时回放系统
  • 自动追踪系统
  • 文件管理

  • 编码/解码器
  • 雷竞技raybet官网上载(Ingest)
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  • 存档/备份
  • 图形处理系统

  • 字幕机
  • 图形处理
  • 键控器
  • 虚拟系统
  • 雷竞技raybet官网书写器
  • 高速摄像机

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  • 系统集成

  • 控制软件
  • 关闭

    IP Media Gateway Encoder/Decoder

    MDP 3020

    Compact Half-Rack IP Media Gateway

    The Media Links MDP 3020 is an advanced, high quality standalone edge device, focused on addressing the needs of the broadcast media market. With insatiable demand for live content from all types of environments, the need for a portable, network protected, remotely configurable and cost effective edge device is huge. The MDP 3020 can process ever-increasing amounts of media information over IP networks, existing broadcast networks, as well as point-to -point fiber networks.

    Further, the MDP 3020 is designed primarily for smaller scale remote production, MD8000 edge, and local point-to-point applications where economical IP media conversion is required.

    The device can be used in three primary configurations, either separately or in combination due to its multichannel capability:
    – For Contribution applications, as an edge device (encoder)
    – For Distribution applications, as a remote video playout device (decoder)
    – For Point-to-Point local video and distribution applications, when used in pairs (encoder to decoder)


  • Compatible with MD8000 platform

  • Follows Standards (including SMPTE ST 2022-2/6/7, TR-01)

  • Multi format support, including 3G/HD/SD-SDI/DVB-ASI(Supports TS Only)

  • SDI and HDMI output interfaces

  • Simultaneous video, audio, and data services

  • 1GbE or 10GbE trunk interface

  • Dual trunk protection (In/Out band Management)

  • All resolutions up to 1080P

  • On board provisioning interface

  • On board provisioning interface

  • 配套

  • Local access point to point (HDVT W/ MMC)

  • Contribution Quality Broadcast Feeds

  • Low cost network edge device

  • Remote Production