8K 雷竞技Ray





  • 12G-SDI 雷竞技Ray
  • 4K/HD雷竞技Ray
  • 矩阵

  • 12G-SDI 雷竞技Ray
  • 8K/4K雷竞技Ray
  • 画面分割器

  • IP雷竞技Ray
  • 12G-SDI 雷竞技Ray
  • 4K雷竞技Ray
  • HD雷竞技Ray
  • 多功能处理器

  • 帧同步器
  • 转换器
  • 色彩校正器
  • 测试信号发生器/TC发生器/VANC调制解调器
  • 倒换器
  • 延迟器
  • 雷竞技raybet官网/音频分配器
  • 多功能机箱

  • USF系列
  • UFM系列
  • 图像处理

  • 稳定器
  • 闪光/闪烁处理器
  • 4K-HD局部提取
  • 音频处理

  • 多通道/分配器
  • 音频转换器
  • 现场直播

  • 实时回放系统
  • 自动追踪系统
  • 文件管理

  • 编码/解码器
  • 雷竞技raybet官网上载(Ingest)
  • 雷竞技raybet官网服务器
  • 存档/备份
  • 图形处理系统

  • 字幕机
  • 图形处理
  • 键控器
  • 虚拟系统
  • 雷竞技raybet官网书写器
  • 高速摄像机

  • 4K 雷竞技Ray
  • HD雷竞技Ray
  • 系统集成

  • 控制软件
  • 关闭

    All-in-one Live Production System

    Envivo Studio

    The ideal solution to drive multiple venue screens (IMAG) and large screens in stadium/arena venues.

    Designed specifically to meet the needs of multi-screen and fan engagement applications does more than a Still Store, more than Clip Player, and more than a Clip Store. It supports a live video switcher capability for cutting camera inputs, provides an internal keyer (for Multi-layer Overlay effects), and video switcher support (Key/Fill).

    Envivo Studio offers a complete system solution that is comprised of a hardware “server” and a software application that allows for stand-alone operation or integration with other broadcast productions products, such as a switcher, and may be remotely operated away from the event location.


    Post to social media

    Push contents directly from capture to your social media outlets. Post ahead of your fans, show the world the best shots, and put your personal brand on it.

    Winning fan engagement

  • Manage social media posts instantly

  • Delivery to current fan base

  • Reach extended fan base (friends of friends)

  • 8-ch player/recorder with preview

  • Multi-format support: 24p, 23.98 spf, 720p, 1080i, 1080p

  • Multiple camera inputs support:
    1 to 6 inputs and mix 24f, 23.98 spf, 720p, 1080i and 1080p formats, or integrate NDI sources

  • Multi-channel Outputs:
    –Independent SDI Output or Paired (Key+Fill)
    –Group Channels for Synchronized Content Playout
    –Remote operation over MS Remote Desktop or FOR-A video switchers

  • Built-in slow-motion replay (3x or 4x)

  • NDI Video and Dante Audio IP

  • Frame accurate align Key+Fill clips

  • Composite up to 3 layers (live background, a main layer, and an upper layer)

  • 配套

    Video Switcher Support

    Integrating Envivo Studio with a video switcher allows it to be a servant to the ME timeline functions

    Fan Engagement

    Envivo Studio may be positioned downstream from the video switcher to support multi-screen broadcasts.

    Studio Production

    As a Stand-alone production system, Envivo Studio can switch between multiple inputs,add internal keyers from graphics, create playlists, and perform replays.

    IMAG Production

    Envivo Studio drives multiple screens as groups or independently to support IMAG workflows.

    Judicial Review

    Envivo Studio supports Judicial Review by recording multiple inputs and “ganging” outputs together as a grouped slow-motion replay, which may be displayed on a large monitor wall. Outputs may be independently controlled as well.

    Studio REMI Production

    While the event takes place in one location, remote production can take place in another location. Envivo Studio operates easily over the internet with either Windows Remote Desktop or other 3rd party remote applications


    Optional slow-mo controller

  • The "Wedge"
    Ergonomic and rugged

  • The "Brick"
    Compact design with simplicity in mind